Wheel Protection

Whether you have a brand new set of wheels for your vehicle, freshly refurbished or even a clean existing set, Gtechniq has got you covered!

Wheel Protection Liverpool Merseyside

Wheels are often people’s least favourite part of their vehicle to clean and can be some of the most difficult parts to get in to on the entire vehicle.  As a result of this we offer wheel protection as a standalone package as well as a part of our more in depth packages.  As a standalone package, we will carry out a full maintenance wash of your vehicle including removal of your wheels and a comprehensive clean of your vehicles wheel faces and barrels along with the wheel arches and callipers.  Once this is complete we move the vehicle inside the studio and onto our ramps where the wheels are removed once more and prepared for coating.  We then apply Gtechniq’s dedicated high temperature wheel coating C5 Wheel Armour to the wheel faces, barrels, brake callipers and exhaust tips.  The coating then has to cure overnight and your vehicle will be ready for collection first thing the following morning.


C5 Wheel Armour offers the best protection for wheels, repelling brake dust and contaminants and making them easier to maintain. Offering up to 2 years of durability, C5 makes your wheels easier to maintain and is also suitable for your callipers and exhaust tips.

Because of C5’s unique, exceptionally fine surface rheology and chemical bonding mechanism, its performance is outstanding. The former property gives the coating its excellent stain and contaminant resistance, and the chemical bond formed between the wheel surface and C5 makes the coating durable.

C5 will retain its integrity up to temperatures of 600oC (1112oF) making it suitable for all parts of your vehicle’s rims and brake callipers.

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