Refresh Detail

Our Refresh Detail is an excellent introduction into the world of paint correction and ceramic coatings and is designed to breathe a new lease of life into your vehicle and protect it going forward.

Refresh Detail Liverpool Merseyside

The focus of this package is to restore the colour to faded paintwork and deliver a deep glossy finish.  Before application of a 12 month ceramic coating in order to protect the paintwork and lock in the freshly enhanced finish going forward.  Ultimately delivering a good overall improvement to the condition of your vehicle.

We start the process with a thorough wash and decontamination of the vehicle. This includes removal of the wheels in order for them to be properly cleaned, along with the inner arches and brake callipers and also the engine bay.  The paintwork is then washed safely before it undergoes multiple stages of decontamination including removal or tar deposits, iron fallout and other road grime before a heavy grade clay bar is used to remove and further stubborn contaminants.  Once the paintwork has been properly prepared the vehicle can then be moved inside the studio for the polishing stage.


We carry out a single stage machine polish of the vehicles paintwork utilising a number of different pad/compound combinations depending on the paint type and condition of your vehicle.  As mentioned previously the focus of this package is to restore the colour and boost the gloss levels however there will be a significant reduction of swirl marks, marring and other defects in the paintwork due to the polishing process.  Once the polishing is complete we then protect that finish and enhance the gloss levels further by applying a 12 month ceramic coating which in turn will prevent the dirt from sticking and make maintenance a breeze!

Not wanting to stop there, next we fully machine polish the vehicles glass with an acidic based cleaner in order to ensure a perfectly clean finish before applying a 12 month super hydrophobic coating, improving wet weather visibility and making removal of contaminants much easier!  The superb hydrophobic properties will completely change your wet weather driving experience. 

Next up are your wheels, they will already be clean at this point however we will remove them for a final time in order to protect them using a ceramic coating designed to stop brake dust and other contaminants from binding to them and making wheels that much easier to clean.

Rounding out this package is a full interior valet if time allows.  The main focus of our refresh package is to enhance the appearance of the exterior of your vehicle however, we will do our best to ensure that the interior receives at least a quick once over with any remaining time we might have.

There are a lot more intricate steps that are included in this package that aren’t entirely necessary to put in the breakdown above.  If you have any questions regarding this package or would like to discuss any of our packages further, please feel free to drop us an email, give us a call or stop in for a chat if you’re passing. 

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